„… A remarkable feature in Ana Luísa Ribeiro’s method is her work on the way we read and see images, recording the underlining and marginalia readers (or is it herself?) create as a sign of particular interest in a work and ist contents.

Even as we are irresistibly drawn towards these paintings by their chromatic harmony and the intellectual fascination we feel for the pieces they reference, the fact that the painter only depicts fragments (of images and printed or handwritten texts) indicates the playful
distancing she wants to bring into her work. We are never looking at straightforward images, but rather at second- and third-degree readings of them.

Ana Luísa Ribeiro’s work focuses on art, on those discourses that serve it and / or use it, on the limited system of references of contemporary art (or the contamporary way of making art and looking at it), but it is also about the beauty of reading and the irrepressible
need to comment on everything around us. In other words, it is about our need to think, to act upon what we see. And it is also about the artists freedom to create a number of ealities out of a number of unrealities – in this sence, hers is a work that opens rather than closes.“

Joao Pinharanda in „Marginalia“, exhibition catalogue, Lisbon 2012