The books of hours from Ana Luísa Ribeiro – The english titel of her exhib

ition [Books of ours] unsderstands the artist … as a play on words. On one hand “Books of ours” , or our books, refers to the place where the show itself takes place – which at the same time pocesses the books that were the starting point for those works – the Library at the Museum Ludwig. But on the other hand, “books of hours” (which in english sounds quite similar) have for Ana Luisa Ribeiro an higher meaning. In the creation and production of some groups of works, she wants directly to refer to those richtly decorated meditation books, that had their flowerind time between the 14th. and the 16th. centuries. A reflection about the rating of Art – A main important

premisse for the making of these works is the (over)rating of Art. She wants the viewer to reflect about an art market which seems to have for many, in her opinion, an almost religious importance. A 12 part painting cycle of the exhibition is for instance concieved after fragments of catalogs of well-known art fairs. At the opening Ana Luísa Ribeiro is also showing a [new] video-work [The Barque].

Fabian Sieg, in, 18.04.08