Joao Pinharanda in „Marginalia“

4. Januar 2012 Allgemein, publications
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„… A remarkable feature in Ana Luísa Ribeiro’s method is her work on the way we read and

Linda Wallitzer in „Manheimer Morgen“

7. Oktober 2014 Allgemein, publications
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„… Strategie der Bildzitate Dazu verweist die Referentin (Dr. Eliane de Simone) auf die in der Bildenden Kunst

Celso Martins in „Arte y Parte“

1. Dezember 2004 publications
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“Taking books as a main inspiration source, the painting of Ana Luísa Ribeiro opens itself to a gather

Ana Ruivo, in “Expresso”

20. Dezember 2003 publications
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“… In the paintings of Ana Luísa Ribeiro the transposition/transformation to/on the canvas from fragments of texts, captions

Fabian Sieg in report-k.de

18. April 2008 publications
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“The books of hours from Ana Luísa Ribeiro – The english titel of her exhib ition [Books of

Maike Steuer in “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”

19. April 2008 publications
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“. Twisted writing, alot of gold and fancy decoration adorn her works [from the “Books of ours” project], which