„In the written form one can not recognise the ambiguous meaning of the three words. Phonetically though indeed, since „books of ours“ (the titlle of the show) can be understood as both „our books“ and as the middleage’s „boos of hours“. Here lies the connection to the „Bibliotheca Palatina“ in Heidelberg. The portuguese Ana Luísa Ribeiro, who lives in Cologne, has occupied herself with this famous collection of books. She shows her therefrom  inspired paintings in Kristina Hoge’s p13 Gallery. The galerist explains the play of words (ours/hours) and hereon advertises that, not only does the artist evoke the past, but that she also constructs a connection to literature. This show is also a contribution to the „Literature days“, taking place in Hiedelberg between the 10th and the 13th of may. Four years ago Ana Luísa Ribeiro has dealt with the public library at the Ludwig Museum. The second series dedicates ALR the cimelia in the city of the Neckar. Dued to their aesthetical qualities, the exhibits themselves atract our attention. The artist was not only from the noble book’s collection inspired, but also from texts of art and of travels books. Thereby she demonstrates plenty of intuition. …“

Heide Seele, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 04.05.2012