Exhibition viewAna Luísa Ribeiro, a portuguese artist that has now been living in Germany since 1999, is mostly known for her work in painting. Her canvases are representations of fragments of book pages, particularly of popular art books and catalogues. In her latest work though one can’t anymore tell wether the „sources“ are „real“, or her own „inventions“.

Throughout the years Ana Luísa Ribeiro has also developed a parallel work in video (on DVD), and computer manipulated photographs (printed on canvas). Although these media seam quite antagonistic – „hand painting“ vs „mechanical painting“ – for Ana Luísa Ribeiro it handles of posing the same questions, using different „historically charged“ materials. Those questions have to do with how we „read“ an image, how we perceive and are aware of signs and signals (including the ones which have to do with the art codes themselves), and of how we, as „migrant“ beeings, change our view and preception of environments (places where precisely the signs are).